Week 8

In week 8 we learnt that there are 3 key phases to the evaluation process:

  1. Formative – This is undertaken before the event has happened.
  2. Process – This is undertaken throughout the project which allows you to improve during the planning and execution of the event.
  3. Outcome – This is undertaken after the event, it gives you an insight into what happened, why it happened and how to improve for future events.

There are a number of evaluation methods:

  • Questionnaires/surveys
  • Structured, semi structured or unstructured interviews
  • Focus groups

There are many other methods. The chosen method will depend on the event and the attendees/people they are asking. There are many strengths and weaknesses to the evaluation process, they are as follows:


  • Questionnaires – can require short or long answers from the participants. They can be used for both qualitative and quantitative evaluation.
  • Questionnaires – can be done at the leisure of the attendee.
  • Interviews – can provide in depth thoughts of the attendees and allow the interviewer to ask spur of the moment questions to further analyse the attendee’s thoughts.
  • Focus groups – gets the thoughts of a select group of attendees at one time.


  • Interviews – they require face to face participation which some attendees might not want to do.
  • Focus groups – they also require face to face participation.
  • Focus groups – require a certain number of participants which you are not guaranteed to have.

If the RSPCA had used one of the three key phases to evaluate the event then they would have discovered ways they could have improves throughout the event or post event.


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