Week 2

For week two we learnt what creativity is and when we are at our most creative. We are all different and our creativity emerges at different times. I am at my most creative when I am under pressure.  I find that my best work and creativity happens when I am under pressure. Even though I can find this overwhelming it helps me to focus and produce some of my best work. However, I do think that to be continuously successful it would be best to develop my creative practice by drawing on other sources other than pressure. Feeling constantly under pressure is unhealthy and will eventually lead to failures. If I could find another method it would be highly beneficial as leaving things to the last minute in the world of events will not always result in the best outcomes.

Having the ability to work well under pressure and still be able to present creative results will be useful towards the end of the planning process when everything needs bringing together for the big event but only if I am organised enough on the lead up to the day. By finding another way of being creative it should help with the planning process.

During week two we were also introduced to rich pictures. A rich picture is “a cartoon-like representation that identifies all the stakeholders, their concerns, and some of the structure underlying the work context” (Monk and Howard, 1998). We were also introduced to the Five Senses approach. The five senses are sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. They can be used in a number of ways to effectively plan an event. For example, by making the event visually appealing it will encourage people to attend and stay for the duration of the event. In addition to this most events provide food and drinks, if the food gives a pleasant aroma people will be encouraged to stay and purchase food while they are at the event. Sound is another main one of the five to keep in mind when planning an event. If the event is too loud or guests cannot hear someone giving a speech it can instantly put them off from staying.


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