Target Audience

Overall the RSPCAs target audience is the general public. However, for this particular event the target audience can be narrowed down to dog owners. This is because we need the owners and their dogs to participate in the dog show. However, the target audience should not be limited to members of the public who have dogs and the RSPCA should acknowledge that they should target the families and friends of these members to gain maximum donations.

There are a number of ways of marketing. For this particular event the RSPCA used the following:

  • Posters are a good form of marketing due to the visibility and if placed in the right locations can encourage people to attend and spread the word about the event. Below is the poster designed for the dog show. We were encouraged by Julia who was organising the event to distribute the posters in our local neighbourhood to increase attendees.
  • Email lists are an effective way of contacting regular supporters and making them aware of the upcoming events which they may be interested in attending.
  • Word of mouth – although this is not a form of marketing the RSPCA can control, but by doing direct marketing correctly it might influence people to start talking about the event. If someone who is already going to the event mentions it to their colleague it might influence them to attend the event too. Although this form of marketing cannot be relied on it can be seen as a bonus.Dog Show Poster

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