Social and Economic Impact

Impacts are one of the main purposes of events. Oxford dictionary defines impact as “Have a strong effect on someone or something.” (Oxford Dictionaries, 2017). There are many different types of impacts, especially when it comes to events. “Planned events always have a purpose and goals. This means that certain ‘outcomes’ are both desired and predicted, but it is also possible that unanticipated and negative outcomes are also generated.” (Getz and Page, 2016). Thankfully this particular event did not result in any negative outcomes but it did have some positive impacts.

The main social impact this event aims for is to raise awareness of what the RSPCA does and how the money they raise from these events help them to continue doing the work they do. Every time someone attends a RSPCA event they are becoming more aware of the charity and the positive impact they have on animals lives.

Economic impacts

  • The venue was free to use.
  • The gazebo was not a new purchase and can be seen as a long term investment as it is used at many of the RSPCA events.
  • The volunteers work for free.
  • A book of raffle tickets can be bought for £1.
  • Most of items on sale and in raffle were donated to the cause so are free to the RSPCA.

Overall this event was low cost to run. This meant that the £205 raised from this event is all beneficial and none of it necessarily has to go back into the event department. This result can be seen as the best economic outcome.

A bonus aspect is the fact that will not be proven until much later is the attendees telling their friends about the event, this can lead to an increased economic impact at the next event.


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