Potential for Improvement

As this event was held in September in Manchester the odds of the weather being good was very low. Unfortunately we ended up with really bad weather which caused some difficulty as the event was being held outside. As you can see from the table below rainfall for the Manchester area starts to increase from August onwards. This would suggest that the likelihood of rain is increased. Therefore, planning ahead and finding a suitable indoor venue would be recommended from August onwards in the Manchester area.



(Met Office, 2010)

When I volunteered at this event I found that the set up and structure of the event was not as co-ordinated as it could have been. All of the raffle prizes and the items which were for sale were all on one table with caused a lot of confusion amongst the attendees. It would have been much easier if the RSPCA has two gazebos set up with the raffle prizes in one and the items for sale in another rather than putting them both in the same gazebo. It was evident that not a lot of thought had been put into the event. Even though a fair amount of people turned up and we had enough volunteers the person running the event only stayed for half of the event leaving myself and the rest of the volunteers to run it without them. This meant that when it came to the competitions and the judging it did not run as smoothly as it should have done. As the event planner had to leave they asked me to help judge the competitions but did not offer any guidance. If more time and effort had been put into the structure of the event and properly preparing the volunteers for their roles then the event could have been very enjoyable. Instead it was disjointed and left the volunteers feeling unsure of what they were meant to be doing.

The third area for improvement would be the marketing of the event. I felt that the event could have had a higher attendance if the event had been promoted more effectively. This means that if the RSPCA had applied some theories to their marketing process then they might have had more of their target market attend. Mountinho discusses the four different types of marketing; undifferentiated, concentrated, differentiated and customised. The type of marketing I would suggest the RSPCA use for this particular event is concentrated marketing. “Concentrated marketing is when a marketer selects one segment, develops an appropriate marketing mix, and directs its marketing efforts and resources toward that market segment exclusively.” (Mountinho, 2000). This means that the RSPCA would need to choose one segment and focus all of their marketing methods on them. I would recommend that the RSPCA target dog owners for this particular event. Each event can have a different target audience, the reason why I think dog owners would be best for this event is that we needed them to take part in the competitions.

Another segment the RSPCA could look into is socialgraphics. “Socialgraphics capture the attitudes, characteristics, behavior, and, most important, motivations of customers online. Understanding an audience’s socialgraphics allows marketers to design internet marketing strategies that attract and retain customers in different online venues.” (Crepeau, 2016). As social media has such a big influence on people nowadays it could be an effective way of promoting events if used correctly. Currently the local RSPCA page for my area does not promote their events on social media. If they took the time to understand the “followers” they have on their pages then they might find that promoting through social media has a range of benefits, it is quick, free and it can target a large group of people at once.


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