The dog show was held at Jacks Boathouse, this is located at Sale Waterpark which is a popular place for people to walk their dogs. This was a good choice of location as it attracts passers-by who were not previously aware of the event.

As Jacks Boathouse is a pub they were able to provide the event with food and drink. My main job was to judge the competitions, I also sold raffle tickets and merchandise.

The Six Segment Model (Eason-Bassett, C. 2016).

  1. Strategy – The main aim of the event is to raise money. However, the secondary aim is to raise awareness of what the RSPCA does.
  2. Content – The structure of the event was as follows:
  • Allow people to enrol in the different classes whilst selling raffle tickets and other items to raise money.
  • 12pm first set of classes
  • Break for food and drink
  • 2pm second set of classes
  • Raffle draw
  1. People – In this theory people relates to all of the stakeholders. For this particular event that would include the volunteers, staff, attendees and the suppliers.
  2. Marketing – For this event the RSPCA used posters, emails and volunteers to promote the dog show event.
  3. Operations – Before the event took place the RSPCA would have had to do a risk assessment, organised any contracts necessary, worked out the format of the event and organised any equipment needed.
  4. Finance – Before the event the RSPCA would have a set amount to spend on the event. This particular event used equipment the RSPCA already had which included a gazebo and fencing to outline the section for the classes, this helped to keep the costs down. Jacks Boathouse offered their venue for free and the advertising was at a low cost. Overall the total expenditure was extremely low so any money raised could be seen as a success.

Unfortunately the overall delivery of the event was unorganised. It was lacking in structure and knowledge. This was mainly due to the fact that Julia who had organised the event was not in attendance and had not given suitable instructions to the right people. If sufficient information had been communicated to the right volunteers then the event may have run more smoothly. However, I felt that even without directions I was able to execute my role and help others with their own roles.


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