CPD Requirements

When looking at my own professional development this event taught me a lot of things which I would not have learnt otherwise. This event taught me the importance of structure. Without a good structure it is easy to forget aspects of the event which you planned to do, for example we ended up doing the raffle right at the end of the event because Julia had not provided us with a good structure.

I also learnt the importance of properly informing your staff and volunteers on what they should be doing throughout the event. If staff/volunteers are informed of their role at the last minute or not at all this can result in chaos and can give the impression that the event has not been well organised.

Marketing correctly is another aspect which is vital. Without effective marketing the amount of attendees is low which results in a low amount of money raised.

Had all these aspects been done correctly in the first place the event would have been a lot more successful but I also would not have learnt these important lessons.


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