Week 1

During the week first week we were asked to write our first reflective blog post. We were asked to consider four different questions:

  • Did you learn anything unexpected?

I did not realise that the weekly information would not be in a presentation format. As I have just done a degree I am use to looking at slides and sitting in lectures, I presumed this online course would just be presentation slides with audio. It was a nice surprise to find out that there were videos and a lot of interaction with lecturers.

I also learnt that there is more than one way to define the term ‘event’ and that not only one definition is correct. It is all about how you perceive it and what you expect out of it. Where Robinson described an event as a ‘Societal disruption’ (Robinson, 2016) I would describe it as a moment or thing which can happen whether it is planned or unplanned. It can be man-made or a natural occurrence, a regular thing or once in a life time.

  • Was anything covered of particular interest or significance to you?

I found it particularly interesting to see how different members of the course perceived the different historical images. By analysing the images it gave me an insight to different types of events, I decided to look into this aspect more. According to Getz and Page “the scope of events spans individual celebrations and community festivals, sports, business meetings and exhibitions; it also includes mega events, which have largely become the realm of professionals, corporations and entrepreneurs.” (Getz, D. and Page, S. 2016).

  • What would you like to know more about?

I would like to know more about the history of events and how event planning became the industry it is today. Currently “The UK events industry is worth £42.3 bn” (Booker, B. 2017). I would like to learn how it became such a big and successful industry would be interesting and useful for the future.

  • Are there any areas you have identified that you might want to focus on in terms of personal development?

In May 2016 I finished my degree in business management. Although I am very proud of this achievement it does mean that I have spent three years analysis facts and figures and not necessarily using my creative side. Throughout this course I hope to become more creative and build on my academic knowledge of events and the industry.


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